CBD Cream For Spider veins 50g

CBD Cream For Spider veins 50g

Product Code: Cream For Spider veins 50g

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Spider veins are basically the dilations of veins due to the failure to return the blood to the heart. Usually, these are frequent in body’s low trunk. Spider veins form when venous valves don’t close well and blood starts accumulating in the veins, which cause them to dilate.

CBD Hemp Bee Cream is all-natural cream for Spider Veins is applied locally to area of occurrence Spider veins is quite dangerous disease, which as poison takes away all the vital forces and energy, and just incapable to pass only by itself. Our CBD Cream for Spider Veins Contain 28g Pure CBD extract.


  1. Provides fast relief from tired and heavy legs sensation.
  2. Helps prevent venous insufficiency caused by e.g. long-standing or sedentary work.
  3. Helps alleviate the problems associated with Spider veins.
  4. Fragrance-free, does not contain parabens and artificial dyes.
  5. Does not leave a greasy film on the skin.

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