CBD Cream For Psoriasis 50g

CBD Cream For Psoriasis 50g

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Psoriasis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that has many different causes. It is inflammation that is responsible for the physical indications of extremely dry, red and itchy skin. Psoriasis can cause traumatic physical and psychological effects in people, so its origins are important to determine.

CBD Hemp Bee Psoriasis Cream in 28g is made by 100% organic raw resources and clean cannabinoid extraction procedures, we are constantly striving to progress our business and discover new ways to use the strength of CBD.


  1. Non-psychoactive so you can’t get high.
  2. Help to ease pain levels and inflammation, thereby reducing the need to scratch and itch.
  3. Regulate the growth of cells, including their proliferation, differentiation, and life span.
  4. Provides relief in psoriasis with pimply, dry, rough, scaly skin.
  5. Provides relief from psoriasis when the crusts are sticky and glutenous.

CBD cream for Psoriasis treats patient suffering from psoriasis, red, itchy, dry and scaly patches, dry eczema, psoriasis vulgaris and eruptions on scalp.

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